Testosterone Replacement
Therapy (TRT) Palm Beach

Looking for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for men in Palm Beach?

As explained in Dr. Rao’s book, the Midlife Health Guide for Men  TRT isn’t a quick fix but there is hope. As a board-certified doctor in Palm Beach with 20+ years in hormonal replacement therapies, Dr. Rao has seen transformation with optimal hormone levels and lifestyle improvements. 

When to replace testosterone, TRT?

When considering TRT, it’s crucial to start with your symptoms. Fatigue, weight gain, and erectile dysfunction can signal low testosterone, but they can also stem from other medical conditions. Proper lab work is essential, as many factors can cause low testosterone beyond testicular failure. At Unison Pro-Youth Institute (UPY) in Palm Beach, we focus on your safety and effectiveness, offering personalized treatments tailored to you.

Please visit our Hormonal Optimization web page for more information and take our complementary, no obligation Andropause Quiz link.

How to replace testosterone, TRT?

TRT is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each person responds differently, so your treatment plan should be individualized. We prioritize your unique needs, expectations, and goals. This personalized approach extends to how TRT is administered and monitored.

TRT isn’t taken orally due to liver toxicity risks. Options include topical gels, intramuscular injections, and pellets. The choice depends on your response and preferences. At UPY, we empower you to administer TRT at home if preferred.

Monitoring is crucial. Initial blood work is followed by regular check-ups every three months, then every six months once your treatment is optimized. Our mobile phlebotomists, valet parking, and telemedicine services ensure convenient, top-notch care.

Cost of TRT

Costs vary based on treatment type and amount but are generally affordable. TRT is a long-term commitment requiring consistent monitoring and adjustments to ensure optimal results safely. Visit our office in Palm Beach to learn more about the cost of TRT today!


TRT is not a quick fix but rather a personalized approach to hormonal optimization. With the right guidance and monitoring, TRT can help improve your quality of life and overall health.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Chris Rao at UPY to learn more about how TRT can benefit you.

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