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Evaluation Programs & Fees:

At Unison Pro-Youth Medical Institute, UPY, we provide you with the personal attention and utmost care you deserve. We’ve done it for decades. Not working for an insurance company or the government; our focus is solely on your health in a preventative, cutting-edge, integrative way. We don’t believe your concerns can be addressed by anyone less than a highly respected doctor, nor can they be solved in a six-minute visit. You will get a detailed summary after each evaluation. Below are our prices, which are quite reasonable.

Introductory Anti-Aging Consultation:

Introductory Anti-Aging Consultation: We have a limited offer for those who may want to see what we are all about with minimal time and investment. Dr. Rao will review your history and discuss integrative options to help you obtain optimal health. You can bring in past lab work, notes, reports, and any other pertinent data to be reviewed. This up to an hour-long interview doesn’t include addressing common acute medical issues (e.g., sore throat, UTI, etc.) or prescribing lab work or medications.

For out-of-towners or those out of the country, this can be conducted via telemedicine, whichever works best for you. If you prefer an in-person visit, we can help arrange accommodations and travel.


Call now, and discover your way to a younger, healthier you via proven, safe methods. If you choose to get the full evaluation later, this fee can be applied towards any evaluation or maintenance fee. Why wait? A win-win! $350.*

Unison Pro-Youth’s Anti-
Aging Premium Evaluation:


First, comprehensive lab work** is arranged to be drawn at your home or work and are fully included in this price (the lab alone retails for more than the total evaluation cost.) Two to three weeks afterward, we would have scheduled your own 2-3 hour evaluation with the doctor and staff, one-on-one, reviewing, exploring and discussing and your in-depth questionnaire. Cognitive and Mental testing are performed as deemed necessary. A targeted “well” physical exam (not GYN) and measurements follow if indicated. (Fitness assessments are included, so dress in loose clothes or bring a change of clothes). In closing, personal and individualized advice is given about diet, exercise, stress reduction and integrative medical advice. Recommendations for Vitamins, Supplements, and appropriate hormones are also given at the conclusion and reviewed. A Detailed Summary is provided afterward.

We will gladly help concierge accommodations and travel. Valet parking is complementary. If convenient for you, a complementary lunch can be provided for you and a friend; just let us know. Proper injection or topical application techniques explained and demonstrated if applicable. There is no obligation for anything further; you can simply bring your full summary to anyone else or anywhere you desire. However, a fixed Maintenance Fee is required for an ongoing program, including advice, adjustments, any prescriptions, and follow-up lab orders from Dr Rao, see below. You will get an estimate of such ongoing program including prescriptions and pharmaceutical-grade supplements at the end of the evaluation. There are no hidden costs. $2500.*

An aesthetic evaluation is included. You are then pampered with a Facial Treatment and Aromatherapy, as allowed. (Avoid the sun or use sunscreen the week before). There are healthy snacks and bottled water for your enjoyment. Optional tests may be recommended as mutually deemed necessary, see below. This value package has been Dr. Rao’s special for decades. Annual re-evaluations are recommended.

Ultimate Anti-Aging Evaluation:

As the above premium evaluation and procedure, yet includes DEXA Scan for Osteoporosis and % Fat, Alzheimer’s Urine Test, and Coronary Calcium Score via EBCT Scan and interpretation. This package is the one recommended, and again, costs less than the tests alone. Yet, definitively you and your loved one knowing your risks and health status are the biggest bargains. No other facility worldwide offers such a comprehensive work-up. We can gladly help arrange accommodations and travel. Maintenance, again, is optional $3000.*

Andropause/Pre-Menopausal Evaluation:

Specially designed for men and women under 50 who are basically well and have their own doctor who performs an annual exam with basic labs, yet wants to benefit from evidence-based Anti-Aging therapies from the most qualified and experienced Dr. Rao. Great for the younger crowd that wants to feel like their younger self: improved body composition, more vitality, endurance, libido, and less weight, achiness, night sweats. Please take the andropause quiz and see if you’re suffering these symptoms and more. Don’t wait until things get worse- it only makes it harder to optimize your health. We have helped many for decades!

We review what examinations and tests you may have already had and offer advice on additional tests, medications, diet, exercise, supplements, and such therapies you may need. Includes all Sex Hormones, LH, DHEA, thyroid, PSA, and Human Growth Hormone lab work. And, conveniently drawn where you want it, home or office! (Non-fasting, but in the AM). You do get a summary of our findings and recommendations. If you join the program, such of course we recommend, your Maintenance Fee includes all phone calls and adjustments made to your regimen during the year. Allow 1 hour for your personal visit here, or it can be done by telemedicine or phone, whichever is most convenient for you. We can gladly help arrange accommodations and travel. Call or email for further details. $1500.*


Maintenance IS required for ongoing care because of the follow-up adjustments needed and for the availability of Dr. Rao. Much like a car lease or such, you have the benefit of knowing exactly what you’re going to have to pay each month – there isn’t cost-shifting or trickery here since UPY’s start-up 20 years ago. Includes up to two phone calls or telemedicine visits/month.*** Lab slips are given for lab work, and contact made for hormonal adjustments. 15% Discount on all products, and other member specials, including free shipping on all products! You do not need to get maintenance fees to get any initial evaluation. $600-$1200/six months.*

Medical Consultation à la carte:

As you probably know by now, Dr. Rao is an award-winning, recognized, board-certified M.D., and Fellow in Family Practice with over 25 years of experience. For the past 15 years, he’s served often as the Martin County Medical Society’s president and was the lead doctor and medical director for WellMed, a division of Optum health – earning status as a physician partner with Optum Health – the healthcare delivery side of United Health Group – a Forbes 5 U.S. company. Working in and developing a team model geared towards addressing social determinants of healthcare, equity, and high-value care, Dr. Rao brings a breadth of knowledge when it comes to your individual healthcare needs. He also maintained being a full-time clinician during those times – mostly balancing, guiding, coordinating care with specialists and hospitalists, and personally providing compassionate medical care to the most sick and marginalized.

Unlike the anti-aging options of Dr. Rao’s UPY, this consultation is geared toward those WITH medical conditions or concerns, who need help in trying to figure out what’s wrong, why, who’s best to see, review of medications and reconciliation – often the cause of many symptoms, best-value care options, and recommendations. Basically helping you navigate this too often confusing and low-value-based medical system we unfortunately currently have. Examples of conditions addressed include neurological, inflammatory, fatigue, and psychological ones. We have helped many for decades with our safer integrative approach. You can email or bring in reports, lab work, and the like, and Dr. Rao will spend an hour reviewing, discussing, and finally giving his impression and recommendations. A summary will be electronically sent. This can be via telemedicine as well. We can discuss and mutually agree on any follow-up needed. No maintenance fee required. $500/hr.


Complimentary Facial Evaluation for
our Aesthetic Services:


All will be reviewed in detail by Dr. Rao in person. Confused about what’s available? Botox, Fillers, various Peels, Creams, and Laser options will be explained for their effectiveness, risks, costs, and time investment. Referral to my most trusted Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon can also be arranged if needed. It’s a No-Risk, No-Obligation way for you to meet us and learn about today’s latest methods!

Still not sure?


This 5-minute meeting is designed for us to be briefly introduced. (Sorry, no specific concerns can be addressed in this short time, but please consider the introductory visit as explained above; please call or email for details.)

In-House Pharmacy:


Detox medications and nutrients. All researched and recommended by Chris Rao, M.D. for safety and efficacy! We will match any advertised price for the same product.

Injections of Testosterone, Human Growth Hormone, and others are according to costs, with a $35 nurse, waste, and handling fee. Ask us to order your drugs directly to save, and self-inject. We will demonstrate how. We can auto-ship regularly to your house for extra savings and convenience!

Some of the Aesthetics we offer:


BotoxCosmetic(c) and NEW JUVEDERM© and RESTYLANE(c) Filler-LASTS Six-Nine months or more for skin lines, wrinkles. NEW RADIESSE(c) and PERLANE© last even longer, for deeper skin folds!!! Visit our webpage for information. Get it done by a board-certified M.D who’s truly authorized by the manufacturer and whose work has been respected for decades. Why go to anyone with anything less!? Visit www.botoxcosmetic.com or www.restylaneusa.com for more information.

The combination of Botox(c) and Fillers does wonders; it’s a marriage made in heaven! Botox relaxes the cause of the wrinkles, the tighter, hypertrophic muscles of facial expression as we age. While newer fillers then “fill in the dent” in the skin made by the repeated action of those muscles. Both work synergistically and give dramatic, immediate results. You can now erase decades off your face with minimum risks and downtime.

The price runs about $299 per area of the face for the Botox(c), and Fillers are about $499 on up, based on the type and number of vials or units used, and the results desired by the patient. I recommend coming in for the complementary evaluation so we can give you a “package price” to fit your needs and budget. Botox or Fillers can be done separately, of course, as desired.

Facial Peel


Rid those white and blackheads. Remove those age spots and fine lines. Quick, painless, and affordable. We recommend a series of five for the best results. $125 each.



First, a smoothing gel to start fresh, then we restore the oils, nutrients, and antioxidants to take years off your skin. $125.



An intense and rich formula specially designed to infuse back the nutrients and elasticity that have been lost. Sit back, relax, get younger! $125.

* Restrictions apply, only general advice, no Rx. This is only for an initial consult – there is no ongoing relationship. If you choose then to get the full evaluation, this fee can be applied towards any evaluation or maintenance fee.

** Lab costs extra.

*** For the same product, we will credit the account with the difference. All fees are due at or before the time of visit, depending on the service provided and the relationship with the patient, per Dr. Rao. Special arrangements may be made, just ask.

All fees are due at or before the time of visit, depending on the service provided and the relationship with the patient, per Dr. Rao. Special arrangements may be made, just ask. No insurance is accepted or filed for reimbursement. Insurance and government agencies haven’t fully grasped the benefits of keeping people optimally healthy and young yet. Ask your accountant, as often our fees can be tax deductible. If you have a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account, these may be applicable, and if you don’t use it, you lose it. We do provide you with a receipt and a visit summary. Not responsible for typographical errors or updates since, call
for details.

Please note that these fees and information are as of 6/1/2023 and may not reflect current changes – call for details.

Christopher G. Rao, MD, FAAFP*

CEO/CMO Unison Pro-Youth Medical Institute

* Member of AAFP, FAAFP, and Fellow. Board Certified by ABFP, American-Trained Family Doctor, and M.D. Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, American College of Phlebology, American Academy of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery. Certified in Anti-Aging and past physician partner Cenegenics Institute, Tokyo, and Las Vegas. Member of FMA and Board of Governors of Martin County Medical Society, President of Martin County Medical Society, and
member of North Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce.

our frequently asked questions

Unfortunately, the short answer is no. Insurance and the government have not yet recognized the value of reimbursing a doctor for spending hours on end on cutting-edge prevention, diet, exercise, hormonal optimization, detoxing, lifestyle changes, and more, especially in integrative medicine, where we have extensive expertise and qualifications. It goes beyond “concierge medicine.” Insurances typically require a sickly diagnosis (code) to cover lab and visit bills. In essence, you have to be sick first for them to pay. However, we believe in optimizing your health before disease starts, and to achieve this, insurance is not the ideal solution. It’s a business approach that aligns with “corporate medicine,” where profits for shareholders and administrators are prioritized, and higher premiums are charged to offset the cost of less healthy policyholders.

If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA), you can generally use these funds to pay for your visit, which provides savings from pretax earnings. Please call beforehand so we can verify eligibility. Additionally, health expense fees, even when paid post-tax, are usually tax-deductible, but it’s best to consult your accountant first.

“The BEST health insurance is to be healthy in the first place, right?” – Dr. Rao.

We can provide you with a “superbill” (receipt) to file with your insurance company. However, the amount refunded will depend on your specific insurance plan, and we cannot guarantee any reimbursement. Many of our patients prefer to keep their personal health information private from insurance plans and the government to avoid potential premium hikes or policy changes based on their health status. This unfortunate situation dissuades some individuals from being proactive about their health, but we commend those who prioritize their well-being.

We offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied or helped by the recommendations we provide (excluding professional fees for lab work, imaging, testing, and materials).

Email us at [email protected] or call the office at 561-779-4558 for more information.

Please refer to the “SERVICES” page on our website for details.

The evaluation includes your lab work and the drawing of blood at a convenient time and place for you. The lab work alone retails for more than the entire package’s cost. It also includes an extensive, in-depth, personalized consultation with Dr. Rao, either in person, via telemedicine, or through an e-visit, whichever works best for you and the package you choose. The focus is primarily on “well issues,” such as diet, exercise, a review of all labs, and recommendations based on the findings, including supplement and hormonal recommendations. We identify areas that need improvement and provide guidance on how to address them. However, this evaluation does not cover the treatment of “sick” issues or prescription medications.

If you agree with our recommendations and wish to join our recommended maintenance program, that decision is entirely up to you. There is no obligation to join. If you choose to enroll, then prescriptions will be written as recommended to ensure ongoing progress monitoring and safety. You will receive a detailed email or regular mail summary, including a copy of all the data, findings, and recommendations. If requested, we can also share this information with your primary care doctor. Additionally, you will receive a superbill receipt.

After signing up, you will receive a receipt and be notified via email, text, or phone by us. Following that, we will send you a FedEx packet containing detailed information, along with an 18-page questionnaire about yourself. A portamedic will call you to arrange the blood draw at a time and place convenient for you, or you can use one of our recommended labs. It’s essential to note that fasting is no longer necessary for the blood draw.

The lab results usually take about a week to process. We will then call you to mutually arrange your evaluation with us. In the meantime, you can fill out the questionnaire and email or fax it back to us. Further details can be found in your packet or on the “SERVICES” page of our website. For any additional questions, please call the office, as your satisfaction is our top priority.

These fees can range from $600 to 1200 per six months, depending on your required level of intensity. You can cancel at any time with a thirty-day notice. These fees cover personalized follow-up, behind-the-scenes administrative work, research time, and follow-up consultations related to your ongoing program.

Similar to fees for other professional services like those from lawyers, accountants, and financial managers, these maintenance fees account for the time and expertise we provide, which is specific to your unique needs and goals. Our approach is highly personalized, and no two individuals react the same way to the program. This requires continuous research and bilateral communication to ensure the most credible and effective recommendations for you. Our fees are set, and there are no hidden costs or commissions involved, as seen in the traditional healthcare system, where unnecessary visits and procedures are performed to maximize profits.

Starting a program will likely involve repeated lab work, which is usually done every 3-6 months to objectively assess improvements. Once the program stabilizes and we have a clear understanding of what works best for you, lab work is typically done annually. The cost for repeat labs generally runs about $500, including the drawing fee, but the specific amount may vary depending on what’s being tested and measured.

We do offer fee adjustments for couples or immediate family members. Treating a couple is often easier due to shared lifestyles, diets, exercises, etc., and it helps to lower fees. We encourage both partners to prioritize their optimal health. Additionally, veterans and healthcare workers, whether active or retired, receive a 10% discount.

Moreover, you receive a discount of at least 10% on all of our Aesthetic Products and Services, including Botox, Fillers, Peels, Laser Treatments, etc. Feel free to inquire about the details.

If unforeseen financial burdens arise, we will try our best to assist you during those times.

We primarily focus on optimal anti-aging health issues, as agreed upon. We don’t specifically diagnose or treat “sick” issues; rather, we aim to optimize your health and help prevent sickness.

An annual Re-Evaluation is recommended, which is generally less complicated than the initial evaluation and takes about an hour on average. The timing and complexity can vary based on your specific situation and needs. We prefer to schedule the re-evaluation shortly after the annual lab draw to provide a special package price that includes the lab and draw, as well as a one-hour consultation via phone, telemedicine, or in-person, depending on your preference. The cost of the Re-Evaluation is often around $1295, but it may vary due to different lab tests and time requirements. The initial evaluation’s lab work alone retails for well over that amount.

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