The Midlife Health Guide for Men

Chris G. Rao M.D.


English (Canada, USA, & UK)


Ebook, and Softcover

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"So many of my questions were answered in this guide. Extremely helpful!"

Fantastic guide!

- C. J.


The Midlife Health Guide for Men brings to the forefront all the latest medical and complementary approaches to optimizing the total health of a middle-aged man.

Dr. Chris Rao, MD, FAAFP, is constantly reminded of the ravages that Father Time inflicts upon us. Midlife presents a window of opportunity because of its unique challenges and changes. Most men are at the top of their game, yet may be experiencing many subtle, early stages of disease. Confused about all the latest health news? Don't be. To prevent such age-related illnesses, Dr. Rao helps empower you to take control of your best asset in life-optimal health. It's what you and your doctor don't know that can hurt you! Discussed are the truths about:

· Diets, exercise, and supplements

· Detoxing your way back to health

· Testosterone, HGH and all hormonal replacements

The best gift you can give yourself and loved ones is a long and healthy life, right? Don't just sit there, get moving on it. From addressing that middle-age spread to a decline in sexual performance, Dr. Rao's preventative approach will give you the knowledge to improve your health span.


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About The Author

Board certified Chris G. Rao, MD, FAAFP has pioneered integrative medical care on the Treasure Coast of Florida since 1995. With a focus on prevention and wellness, his approach combines the best of cutting-edge medicine with complementary, alternative methods. He enjoys connecting and partnering up with his patients to help them live fuller, healthier lives.

A widely respected medical expert, Dr. Rao has taught physicians from around the world and conducted studies in areas such as hormone replacement therapy, osteoporosis, breast cancer and more. He also serves as a medical expert on television and has hosted a weekly radio show for years. Dr. Rao served twice as the president of the Martin County Medical Society and was a Clinical Professor for LSU and Tulane Medical Centers. During his residency at Florida Hospital in Orlando, he helped plan the Disney Institute and Celebration Health. Elected Family Physician and Teacher of the Year by the Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians during medical school, he’s affectionately known as the Cajun Doc who plays drums.

For the past 15 years, Dr. Rao has served as a medical director for Optum Health-the healthcare delivery side of United Health Group, a Forbes top 5 U.S. company. He is glad now to get back to his number one passion - proactively helping people obtain optimal total health through the most safe and effective, integrative means.

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