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Remember when you had that edge?

That pep and drive others admired? What made you special? Lost that libido? In essence, you? For women, these are signs that you may be going through menopause. For both sexes - men AND women - these may also indicate you're going through andropause. 

You need not suffer, though. 

These facets of youth that diminish with age are readily treatable by the 20-year-plus experienced Anti-Aging Physician M.D., Dr. Rao. He taught other colleagues and literally wrote the groundbreaking books on these!

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For Women...

....times are still quite confusing 

With conflicting information from studies like The Women’s Health Initiative and The HERS Trial, Hormonal Replacement Therapies are still getting a bad rap. So far, the only slightly higher increase in risk of heart attack, stroke, and breast cancer was found with the Prempro combination. Since that announcement over 15 years ago, there has been a flurry of improper extrapolation from even the best authorities. Saying that all hormonal replacements are bad is like claiming that all antibiotics and cholesterol-lowering medications are risky for your health and should be discontinued just because some were withdrawn due to untoward effects in the past. Of course, you wouldn't deduce that. It amazes me that even educated doctors and lay people alike are overgeneralizing and have conflicting opinions (I cover this in detail in my women's book).


Of course, I haven't recommended, since I began this over 20 years ago, any hormones except those that are Biologically Equivalent (Identical) to what the body naturally makes. (I was doing this way before Suzanne Somers came out with her blockbuster book.) This is one of the tenets of Anti-Aging Medicine and what sets us apart from old-school doctors. I couldn’t dream of using hormones like Prempro or even Premarin, as they are derived from PREgnant MARe urINe; basically from a horse - certainly NOT to be used in a human. It would be like using horse-derived penicillin which, 80 years ago, made many get serum sickness. We now know better and have advanced methods!

Amazingly, still not mainstream, I may use Estrogen combinations and others in safer non-oral forms, and combined individually - just for you. That's right, just you! Your own unique history, symptoms, and blood levels. It’s far from the usual “one size fits all” mentality of mainstream medicine. And that's the only way it should be - after all, do all women act or react the same way? Wear the same fashion, or desire the same things?? Thinking that would be absurd, right? Yet, historically doctors recommended one dose of Premarin for virtually all women, never even checking serum levels for safety, desired and undesired effects, or adjustments).

In essence, all our hormones worked in perfect balance when we were younger and should be maintained this way as we age. This is a paradigm shift. Think about it, why else do we find it so hard when in just our thirties to maintain a healthier body composition and more? (This is in my book - hint hint.) From the thyroid to adrenals, to sex hormones, I optimize these so that you feel your best. 

We customize Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone replacement just for you. It’s like conducting a symphony or painting a picture...perfect balance and harmony. All are optimized and then maintained that way, for your optimal health span. Levels and feedback are routinely measured to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your treatments. If your current doctor isn’t doing this, please see us for an initial consult and maximize your health while avoiding or even creating more problems later in life. Isn’t that what life is supposed to be all about? 

No one else, with very few exceptions, has over 20 years of experience like Dr. Rao in providing BIO-HRT. Why wait? Call now to schedule, if nothing else, to start the best journey of your life…

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For Men...

...times may be even tougher!

...times may be even tougher! I began addressing these subtle, yet definite symptoms and hormonal changes well over 20 years ago, yet mainstream medicine still considers this nonsense. But is it to us? Maybe because so many in healthcare profit enormously off of treating people only when they're really sick? Face it, we all know us men go through a “change of life” too. You know it, your wife knows it, everybody knows it - remember the movie "Grumpy Old Men"? Unlike the fanfare of menopause, its severity can be sneaky in onset and vary in severity.

Likewise, some men go through it better than others…to some, it can be just as devastating, and to their family and others. Please take our Andropause quiz below to see just how much. Onset can be insidious, even starting in your late twenties. If you are irritable, achy, if you could be the poster child for the "dad bod" or looking like Ole Uncle Joe on Petticoat Junction, then you're going through this unfortunate, underappreciated malady. BUT, there is help - read on:


There is good news for you too, guys! Testosterone can be easily replaced by multiple methods, either a patch, a gel, injections, troches, or pellets. All of these have their nuances, caveats, and idiosyncrasies. As above for women, there is no one-size-fits-all. No two men desire the same, or tolerate, or react the same. Do we use one spark plug or timing setting for all our muscle cars? Let's keep that classic American muscle performing the way it used to...kicking...well, you know.

As above for women, symptoms and levels are routinely monitored for both effectiveness and safety. We men deserve no less. These include estrogen, DHT, and other important hormones, along with serial PSA’s (the blood test for your prostate’s health). I cannot stress the importance of seeing a doctor that is specially trained and experienced in this, as your health is the most important commodity you have. You can see that this is not for the lesser trained professional or one that went to a weekend course. 

For essentially decades, I have spread the word and taught even endocrinologists and urologists on the proper way of performing hormonal replacement therapy in men. Rarely will you find a professional with the qualifications and experience I have. HRT is safe in men and can provide substantial beneficial effects when monitored and adjusted appropriately by an experienced, qualified M.D., in person and not online. 

Let's together get that muscle car performing better than new! It's well worth it to come in, if nothing else, for an initial consultation to discuss the best individual options for you.

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