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Florida's Only Full Service Anti-Aging Facility since 2000


Dr. Rao is truly a doctor who stands above the rest. As a Board-Certified Fellow in Family Practice for over 25 years, he possesses unmatched experience to keep you feeling and looking your best! As a youngster, he became a respected artist and musician.

In medical school, he excelled in publishing numerous articles and won awards for his teaching and compassion. As a medical resident, Dr. Rao was voted the best resident by his colleagues and staff, and he went on to serve as a Clinical Professor at LSU and Tulane Medical Universities. He was also one of the few involved in the think tank that designed the innovative Celebration Health and The Disney Institute. It seems his passion for shaping the future of healthcare was evolving.

Dr. Rao knows how to help you keep feeling optimal, like a younger version of yourself - from the inside-out and outside-in!

By thoroughly reviewing your medical, social, and family histories, coupled with the latest in-house examinations and tests, Dr. Rao will give you a thorough medical risk assessment. Together, you will develop healthy principles you can live by. Dr. Rao’s progressive approach to complete health integrates both proven scientific medicine and alternative means to safely complement each other.

This paradigm shift approach challenges the norms of today’s high-tech society, where most doctors dismiss alternative treatments in favor of older pharmaceutical or surgical remedies. He has used the term “INTEGRATIVE HEALTH” to describe this approach for over 25 years, yet it remains quite novel. Dr. Rao has researched all facets of healthcare and integrates the safest and most effective methods of treatment. “It takes an ‘okay’ doctor to treat a disease, but a talented one to prevent the disease in the first place, and that’s what we focus on.”

Dr. Rao then moved to the Treasure Coast in 1995 and began offering his patients the type of personalized family care that was unfortunately becoming rare back then - even more so now.

He opened the Rao Clinic in Jensen Beach, FL, in December of 1997. Many physicians have since joined large multispecialty or corporate- or hospital-owned practices, leaving their patients feeling like they are just a number… not so when in Dr. Rao’s care. His practice emulates the kind of small-town, non-rushed atmosphere of yesteryear. When in his office, you get the feeling of the old-country doctor who knows every patient from their first breath to their last days. “I am not interested in seeing someone once for a quick prescription or referral… I want to build lifelong relationships; I find that a lot more rewarding for both of us.”

Dr. Rao then founded Unison Pro-Youth Institute in 2002. “I believe in prevention and supplying it all under one roof, which still remains a novel but germane concept. I was also urged by my patients, as a growing number wanted newer, proactive, natural but proven, yet safe options. Many had been frustrated hopping from specialist to specialist – each treating a different symptom associated with aging. In the end, they were generally told, ‘You’re just getting older, get used to it.’ But with such great trust in Dr. Rao, they began on a different path, one of proactivity – one that focuses not just on the quantity of life (longevity) but the quality of life.”

As noted in many articles in Stuart and Palm Beaches, Florida, when talking to Dr. Rao, you can’t help but notice his zest for life and excitement about this new endeavor. The name Unison Pro-Health Institute is a tribute to Dr. Rao’s positive outlook on life. “Anti-Aging had two negative connotations about it – ‘anti’ and ‘aging’! I actually WANT people to age, BUT in the best way possible. Thus, I arrived at a name that captures what I really emphasize – Unison Pro-Youth, taking a proactive approach in reversing and slowing down symptoms of the aging process and ensuring optimal health span. To grow old healthfully.”

He is still the only doctor nationwide that offers the full circle of services, all in one facility. Thus the name Unison Pro-Youth; One Track. One Place. One You! “What’s going on internally affects you inside, and vice versa. You can’t treat one without the other. As a Family Doctor, I have the proper breadth of training that primed me for this. I’ve treated newborns, pregnant moms, and their grandparents, so I’ve been exposed to the whole gamut of different ages, sexes, social issues, and all facets of one’s lifespan.”

Unison Pro-Youth Institute pioneered the latest in Aesthetic interventions in the war against aging. Dr. Rao integrates non-ablative Laser Rejuvenation of the face, Collagen fillers, and Botox injections to complement each other, in order to safely achieve the desired youthful look. All with virtually no “down time” or recovery. In most instances, you can put on makeup and go back to work, or better yet, have fun! Anti-aging skin creams, and peels are customized for your needs while reversing and slowing down the signs of time. Leg veins may be treated with Sclerotherapy, and then touched up with a laser. Even painless hair removal is offered using the latest Nd-Yag laser for safely treating darker skin types. Stretch Marks, Acne, Rosacea, Scars, and more are a thing of the past. All this completes the circle of services you need to help the outside reflect the vibrant, youthful inner-self you will possess.

And, “We’re way more than just skin deep,” and this is where Dr. Rao really prides himself. Treating the aging process as a syndrome. More focused on “Healthspan,” as opposed to just Lifespan. Using the latest, cutting-edge means, he safely uses proven methods to help you achieve and maintain a younger you. Using Biologically Identical Hormonal Treatments for both men and women since the early 2000s, he keeps them synced and at younger, optimal yet safe levels. “I don’t fully accept that as we age, our hormones are supposed to decline, rather I believe we decline as we age partially because of such hormonal decline!” Dr. Rao treats andropause and menopause symptoms monitoring all three sex hormones, and more, in concert to optimize your health and well-being. Thyroid and Growth Hormone or precursors, if indicated, are also balanced. It’s far from a one-size-fits-all mentality. You don’t know what you’ve been missing! You can feel young and frisky again… and again.

It was during this time, the early 2000s, that Dr. Rao published his two cutting-edge books, the MidLife Health Guide for Men, followed by the Midlife Health Guide for Women:

“Believe it or not, there were no real men’s health books back then, and there was so much, as I call it, misinformation out there – there was a lot of confusion on what works and what’s safe; a lot of quackery and risky or ineffective options being promoted online. I felt compelled to act and to educate midlife men on the facts and safe options.”

Then, at least as confusing, the Women’s Health Initiative, WHI, trial came out exclaiming all women’s sex hormonal replacements (that were recommended for decades, right?) are now bad!? How could that be? Why?? Not just merely a book on menopause, but as it should be – an all-encompassing book for optimizing the health of midlife women, it also goes through the facts and safe effective options for women from their 30s to 50s and beyond to obtain and maintain optimal health. “As above for men, there was so much confusion I had to explain the ping-pong findings of the WHI, while providing not only the facts and options of Bio-HRT (which I had only been doing all along) but also holistic alternatives for those who don’t want direct HRT. It was indeed a joy writing this book.”

While the above books were indeed written over ten years ago, because of the exhaustive research and Dr. Rao’s reasoning in the conversion and analysis of data, what’s in them was proven right and true and still is today. “They are still timely and the best reference to have, though I plan to condense and simplify both books late in 2023.”

During this time, the new-age "family doc" went on to lecture physicians worldwide on these paradigm shifts.

Many TV, radio shows, interviews, and blogs followed. Dr. Rao went on to proclaim and edify with the then-few pioneers in many forums – the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), the National Procedures Institute, and many hospital events, medical schools, and the like. Unison Pro-Youth Institute thrived and expanded then to W. Palm Beach. This allowed worldwide travelers to easily access these much-desired but rare services.

Dr. Rao’s talents, connections, and accomplishments were being recognized and, through a series of life’s mysterious events, he was then recruited by Wellmed Medical Management out of San Antonio, Texas, in 2008 to help start their footprint in the sunshine state of Florida. While seemingly quite a pivot, he was quickly elevated to lead doctor and then medical director for the Treasure Coast. “My passion and philosophy in healthcare were such a match with WellMed’s founder and CEO Dr. George Rapier, that I just simply couldn’t say ‘no’!” In the 10 plus years that followed, the family doc helped the clinics achieve repeated 4-star ratings and oversaw WellMed’s growth into all points in Florida and eventual acquisition by Optum Health – the healthcare delivery portion of United Health Group – a Forbes Five company. “I was truly blessed to work with such wonderfully talented leadership and a devoted team. We forged ahead in innovative ways that helped improve the lives of many and set a high bar for other medical groups to follow.”

And yet, in the back of Dr. Rao’s mind and heart was always to return one day to Unison Pro-Youth and take all that he’s learned throughout the decades and apply it. “A leader’s job is to show the way, and to recruit and train those to eventually replace you. I’ve left WellMed in very capable hands and look forward to returning to provide the best personalized, concierge ‘anti-aging’ practice anywhere. There is no place that can match my experience, qualifications, and proven ability.”

Dr. Rao is truly a doctor who stands above the rest.

As an American-trained and Board-Certified Family Physician, he knows how to keep you feeling and looking your best! As a youngster, he became a respected artist and musician. In medical school, he excelled in publishing numerous articles and won awards for his teaching and compassion. As a medical resident, Dr. Rao was voted the best resident by his peers. He was also selected to help design Celebration Health and The Disney Institute. Locally, Dr. Rao has appeared in many print, radio, and television features. Incredibly, he also had time to be politically active as the President of the Martin County Medical Society in 2001 and to continue as a Research Associate with Radiant Research. He is also a physician member of the American College of Phlebology and the American Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery. Dr. Rao obtained the pinnacle degree of Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians in 1997. He has over 20 years’ experience in cosmetic procedures. His knowledge, expertise, compassion, and charity are well known.

All procedures are performed by him with absolute privacy and professionalism; After all, no one has to know you’re cheating! The facility also boasts a convenient in-house pharmacy to provide quality yet economical medicines, vitamins, supplements, and nutraceuticals. In addition, Unison Pro-Youth Institute offers services ranging from weight loss to diagnosing and treating medical problems, confidential executive physicals, wellness exams, sexual concerns, and more. Just ask. Soon, our website will boast AI help, shopping cart capabilities, along with newsletters, blogs, resources, updates, and your personal health web page and portal.

When it comes to deciding who you are going to trust with your most valuable asset, your health, please compare. This is the only place that you can get it all.