Is there Board Certification in Anti-Aging or Hormonal Replacements for Doctors?

Dr. Rao practicing anti-aging medicine after certification in early 2000
Dr. Rao practicing Anti-Aging medicine in early 2000

How do I know if I am seeing a board certified “anti-aging or hormonal replacement” physician?

There is no official “board certification” for doctors in anti-aging medicine. Anti-aging medicine isn’t recognized as a medical specialty like internal medicine or family medicine. No specific qualifications or standards define what qualifies a physician, or any paraprofessional, to be properly trained in “anti-aging.” For example, I am a board-certified physician by the American Board of Family Medicine and a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Besides passing board examinations, I adhere to proper AMA CME standards. I also pass recertification tests every four years and meet related clinical qualifications. For more information, please visit

That being said, necessary standards are in place for practicing a new medical subspecialty or procedure. For example, a board-certified surgeon wanting to become “certified” in a new procedure, such as robotic laparoscopy, must complete 50 hours of AMA-approved certified medical education. This training includes a combination of didactics, clinical work, observation, and tests, all sponsored by a U.S. medical school.

Dr. Rao in 2000 while practicing anti-aging at the opening of Unison Pro-Youth Institute
Dr. Rao in 2000 – Opening Unison Pro-Youth full service Anti-Aging Facility in Florida

Dr. Rao’s Journey into Anti-Aging Medicine

When I began practicing what is now commonly referred to as “anti-aging” medicine back in 2000, very few academic groups or physicians were involved. We were often scoffed at for our paradigm shift in hormonal replacement due to the novelty and unfamiliarity of such treatments. It was then that I came across Cenegenics Medical Institute, located at that time in only Las Vegas and Tokyo. I was fortunate to become involved with its passionate founders, Dr. Alan Mintz and Mr. John Adams.

Anti-Aging Training and Certification at Cenegenics Medical Institute

After getting an evaluation myself (what better way to learn more and personally benefit, right?), I pursued their excellent 50-hour AMA-approved CME training in “Anti-Aging” medicine. This included coursework, testing, clinical observation, and then being observed and advised on lab testing, diagnosing, and prescribing hormones and supplements. It also included proper follow-up and adjustments to patients’ programs. I certified in 2003 and was so impressed that I became a physician partner and joined their team.

Due to the demand, I even assisted in opening up their Cenegenics Boca Raton, FL location. I continued to instill a more functional and integrative approach to patients’ health. I began the lecturing circuit, including A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine), and developed a weekend course for the National Procedures Institute (NPI) to spread the facts on this new frontier of medicine. Radio, TV, and other media followed, establishing me as an authority in the field.

Despite this being very rewarding, I was later recognized and recruited by WellMed, a division of UnitedHealth Group’s Optum team. They wanted help starting their footprint in the Treasure Coast of Florida. I soon became an award-winning medical director for them. At any rate, I believe there are now a few other legitimate organizations offering “age management” certifications. I haven’t investigated them thoroughly, but I believe A4M now offers a similar valid, in-depth education on “anti-aging.”

The Importance of Researching Your Doctor’s Qualifications

Dr. Rao in 2024 while reopening Unison Pro-Youth Institute - a full service anti-aging facility in Palm Beach, Florida
Dr. Rao in 2024 – Reopening his Anti-Aging practice in Palm Beach, Florida

As with any medical specialty, a potential patient should research the doctor’s qualifications. Ensure they are currently board-certified in an accepted medical specialty, such as family medicine, internal medicine, or OB/GYN. They should have pursued valid, certifiable, and lengthy additional education. They should also have the expertise and qualifications to practice this subspecialty of anti-aging medicine. Given my 25 years of experience, I caution that a doctor cannot master all this in a weekend course or online.

Many practices offer these modalities as a sideline to bolster their income. Watch out for quackery! For me, it’s been a passion and a constant, full-time journey for over 25 years. I’m an authority and have literally written the book on it (for both women and men!). Come see the difference and get the safest, most effective treatments to achieve your best health yet! Call or email now—why wait?