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As you probably already grasp by now, Dr. Rao is an award-winning, well-recognized, board-certified M.D. and Fellow in Family Practice with over 25 years experience. For the past 15 years, he's served often as the Martin County Medical Society's president, and was a lead doctor and a medical director for WellMed(c)- and earned status as a physician partner of Optum Health-the healthcare delivery side of United Health Group-a Forbes 5 U.S. company.

Working in and developing a team model geared towards addressing social determinants of healthcare, healthcare equity, and promoting high-value care and patient satisfaction, Dr Rao brings a breadth of knowledge when it comes to your individual healthcare needs. He also maintained being a full time clinician during those times-mostly balancing, guiding, coordinating care with specialists and hospitalists, and personally providing compassionate medical care to the most ill and marginalized. 

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Unlike the anti-aging options of Dr. Rao's UPY, this evaluation is geared toward those WITH medical conditions or concerns, who need help in trying to figure out what's exactly wrong, why, and a root cause analysis. Allergies? Hormones? Heavy metal toxicities? Immune dysfunction or are other issues playing a role? It’s an integrative approach- unlike what’s taught in traditional medical schools or even remotely practiced in today’s best medical centers. We only use the best of evidenced-based, yet safest cutting-edge methods. 

The evaluation includes a review of all medications and supplements and their reconciliation-often the cause of many symptoms and issues in and of itself. Which ones are the most effective yet safe options for you. After all, medication errors are considered a big contributor to feeling ill, healthcare costs, even death. 

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“It’s often what the doctor doesn’t know that can hurt you!”
- Dr Rao

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You can email, fax, or bring in reports, lab work, and the like, and Dr Rao will spend an hour with you mutually reviewing, discussing and finally giving his impression, assessment, and best-value care options and recommendations. Basically helping you to navigate this often confusing, risky, and low-value based current medical system we unfortunately have.

Given the above connections and relationships Dr Rao has acquired throughout the decades, he can also arrange, if desired, which specialists to see and exactly whom. He knows who’s the best that can be trusted to give unbiased safe, thorough, yet practical advice We can arrange these consultations via telemedicine with Dr Rao and yourself. These include surgery (including neurosurgery, orthopedics, and vascular) gastroenterology, neurology, psychology, and others. Names and references provided upon request.

A summary of our visit with recommendations will be electronically sent.
These visits with Dr. Rao can be via telemedicine as well-whichever you prefer. We can discuss and then mutually agree on any follow up desired. No maintenance fee required or obligation. $500/hour

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